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We visit restaurants all over Lithuania and try to recommend only the places worth visiting. Our goal is not to criticize or provide some bias opinion but more to discover and give recommendations or ideas for brekafast, brunch, lucn or dinner. We are aiming to visit not only new places, but to re-vist legendary places and check their changes as well. Moreover, we are not interested only in fine and trendy dining and Instagram dishes, but also looking for tradional or budget food.

Over the past few years we have discovered a multitude of Delicious places. And try to spread the word that Lithuania in growing epicenter of gastronomic experience in Europe.

We hope to inspire you to go and dine out, to show that in Lithuania we have alomost everything and that foreigner guests who visit our country will be pleasantly surprised by quality of the food and resturants here.

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Our vision is not to critique restaurants, trying to find out what was wrong. But to discover the positive aspects, discover the places that we really can recommend to locals or food guests. Indeed, there are a lot of inquiries from the latter, so we really understand that while we have so many impressive places in Lithuania – information on this, especially in English, is really lacking.

Articles About Us

Some mentions about what we do and who we are in the press.

Web Article

Lithuanians that will show you where you should go and eat today. 

Web Article

In a new show “Check” social media star will review restaurants. 

Magazine article

The art of living. Tasting and reviewing food has become the favorite free time activity for Julija Kacanova and Konstantinas Sulmanas.

Web Article

Well traveled marketing specialist Julija Kacanova found love and happiness in Lithuania. 

How we rate restaurants?

Our rating model


– Location (Is it easy to find? Parking?)

– Interior / Exterior (New or Old?)

– Ambience (People, Music and atmosphere)

– Hygiene (Is it clean?)

– Concept (Does the name and everything work together?)

– Size (Is it larger then Dostoevsky’s ‘War and Peace’?)

– Originality (Is it Authentic, original or creative?)

– Drinks (Is it as good as the food?)

– Consistency (Is it focused on one thing or is about everything?)

– Flexibility (Are they able to adapt to clients needs?)

– Welcome (First contact, how are you seated, introduced?)

– Attention (Are the staff paying attention, helpful?)

– Balance (Over assistance vs giving ‘’free space’’)

– Knowledge (Can they recommend and know the menu by heart?)

– Speed (How fast is your order taken and thing get done?)

– Presentation (How does it look?)

– Portion (Is it a light nibble or a large meal?)

– Taste (The most important point, however highly subjective)

– Ingredients (Are they local, fresh and exceptional quality?)

– Local comparison (How does it compare to similar places locally?)

– International comparison (How does it compare to similar places internationally?)

– Size (Does the price justify the portion?)

– Quality (Does it reflect in Ingredients and difficulty of preparation?)

– Overall experience (Is it worth to pay for all the previously mentioned criteria?)


Magazine Columns

Our writer Julija Kacanova writes weekly columns in Stilius magazine. 

The articles explore a wide range of topics like which places are good choice for a trendy breakfast or what are the International taste restaurants in Lithuania and others interesting topics.     



Our friendly writer at the website where2eat.lt Julia Kačanova in a new show “Check” shares reviews from the most interesting catering establishments.

The first visit is to the recently opened “Uptown Bazaar”, the first food market in Lithuania, which houses dozens of cafes under one roof. We will try “Acai bawl,” which are now very fashionable abroad. Also try a Berlin schnitzel and last but not least she will taste a hot dog with … herring. Let’s find out how she rated three different cafes!

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, have ideas for our cooperation or are interested in our visit to your restaurants. NOTE: this is not a commercial project and advertising can not be provided but we are always open to interesting projects together and finding out about new places or dishes.